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Types of Membership

Daily Job Alerts - $14.95 per year.

Post Unlimited Jobs and Classifieds Ads - $99 per year.

Write reports from any Device - Starting at $150 month.


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Chief of Police
Central Bucks Regional Police, PA

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Records Management System releases version 1.5 of the RMS for LE / Security Agencies.

The Records Management System (RMS) 1.5 will be release June 1st and will be available for $250.00 a month for an agency with up to 25 members. Additional login members will be added at $5.00 per month to offset the cost of two factor authentication and storage costs.

The RMS is hosted on the Amazon Web Services Elastic Beanstock (AWS) using an encrypted database and each instance is host on two zones for and will be scalable based on number or users at any one time. In case of an emergency situation each agency instance will be scaled up to increase servers as needed and scaled down as demand decreases.

The RMS can be used with any device that is connect to the internet.

You can use a laptop, a tablet and even a smart phone to access and write reports, logs, activity or search the database.

We currently have two choice domain name choices base on your type of agency. or both use Duo Two factor authentication to secure the system.

Also each section can be customized to fit your agency's needed.

Main Menu

Add Daily Log, Incident Reports, Calls for Service Activity, Traffic Activity, Roll Call Pass On, Records Search, Accident Reports and Booking Report.

Call on each Icon below to see what each section offers as an agency complete RMS.

Daily Log
Daily log records date and time plus mileage, vehicle number and lists daily activity.

Add Incident info, Person, Offense, Property, Vehicle and Narrative

Calls for Service
List calls assigned and action taken at each call.

Traffic Activity
Traffic activity logs all traffic stops, location, if a citation or warning was issued and it's number.

Roll Call
Roll Call is pass on info that includes images.

Records Search
Search the database for person, address, property vehicles.

Accident Report
This is a Georgia pdf accident report that can be filled out with a mobile device or laptop.

Booking Report
Book Report module is optional with out cost.

Contact Details

Contact us if you need any additional information concerning or the RMS Program we offer.


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